• New Rules Regarding Food & Trash for Corcovado National Park

    Posted on October 24, 2013 by in News

    Recently Corcovado and MINAET have made some changes to their rules regarding Park hikes.

    Now visitors cannot cook their own hot food in the park, but they can bring in / carry their own cold food into the park to eat, and/ or purchasing meals at La Sirena Ranger Station. Meals at La Sirena range between $20 for a breakfast and $25 for lunch and dinner. The new rule is to not have people cooking in the park, most likely to not disturb wildlife and interfere too much with nature (because of smells, wastes etc.).

    Meals have to be booked in advance at MINAET, usually together with your overnight reservation.

    The other new rule is that every visitor in the park has to take out their own trash out of the park. Every item that is trash needs to be carried out by the guests and guides themselves.

    Refer to our Corcovado Section to find out more.