• Cabinas Tropicales Video

    Posted on May 23, 2013 by in News

    Watch our new Cabinas Tropicales Video!

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  1. Danny Green says:

    Hello there! I contacted you last year about staying at your place. We did not have $ to visit Costa Rica it turned out . Then AA dropped there ticket prices in half for 3 days so I decided to make my move. So after I bought the tickets I panicked . I contacted our friend Curt Browning about where to stay. He recommend your place As he did last year. Do you have any rooms for April 29 thru May 3 . Our dates are flexiable. We are not returning to Ohio until May 8 We did want to come down there 1st to see Curt before he leaves

  2. Danny Green says:

    Thank You for your response . We arrive in San Jose on Tuesday at 11:35 AM April 29. We are trying to figure out how to get down there . So far we found our options to be a bus, I’m not sure of the schedule yet, a small plane, which we are leaning towards, but not sure, of the connection . We may be arriving after the last plane leaves.In that case we will be at your place April 30 So sorry I’m not sure yet, I’ll know Monday. We wanted to stay4 or 5 days. We will talk with Curt today. We also thought about driving but heard the road could be bad . There are 4 of us,we are bringing our 2 youngest boys. Thank You for your patience. I will contact you very soon